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[Comic] Newlyweds Ereri #3


Artist: artist-eren [Mitsucchi]

A/N: I haven’t drawn or uploaded a comic in years! Hope you’re going to enjoy the lame fluff hahah :D

Collection: [P1] [P2]


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mishalchicha asked: Fffffffucking lame ass nerd /punches u and farts on ur face/

//pushes u off a cliff

Goodbye meme loving fuck. See u in hell.

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sexting like


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  • baby:a....a
  • mom:airplane? :)
  • baby:*deep voice* aoba
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  • me to male characters I like:*steps on u*
  • me to female characters I like:step on me
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    So modern au where Eren works in a zoo and is in charge of feeding the penguins at lunch time and one day Levi is forced to go to the zoo on a work retreat and sees this fucking adorable person sloshing around buckets of rotting fish and then every lunch break from that day on he goes to the penguin exhibit despite the horrible smell and ends up buying a year long pass to the zoo and his coworkers think they have discovered Levi’s soft spot and buy him tons of penguin knick-knacks as jokes and the zoo staff notices Levi’s continued visits after a while and also assume the man is obsessed with penguins and eventually Eren gets to invite Levi into the penguin exhibit but in reality the one thing in this world that terrifies Levi the most is penguins.

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    - The Whole DMMD Fandom Probably (via future-mrs-frost)