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Onoda’s talking about anime faces

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I stumbled over this on youtube…I’m not a huge fan of mmds but oh god- I just- I have no words for this

I like to think that survey corps budget got cut and levi can’t buy his cleaning supplies anymoew so they’re now dancing in clubs

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i love inazuma eleven because it starts off as just a bunch of kids playing super powered soccer and suddenly out of literally no where alien orphans start destroying schools using soccer and then japan winning the international soccer tournament somehow leads to entire schools being judged by how good their soccer is and it gets so out of hand that they have to make an entire organization to control soccer and then soccer becomes illegal

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Evangelion 4.0: that feel when (no) bf

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Sakura Nagashi
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Anonymous asked: Ereri - That hot police officer that pulled you over for speeding au?


Give me a pairing. Give me an AU setting. I will write you a three-sentence fic.


When the red and blues light start, Eren has a plan and if he’s anything, he’s the man with a plan and great hair. So as he slows down, he carefully undoes a few buttons and rolls up his sleeves (praying for a gay man or really kind woman). 

What he does not expect is Officer Sex on Legs to write him a ticket anyway; not realizing a number on the back until he gets home. 

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