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「 The 4 Military Divisions. 」


tumblr user more like tumblr loser am i right haha…I’m so sad

Taking a break from commissions to draw Eren.


There’s a homeless man that Eren passes by every day on his way to work. The man doesn’t ask for anything, doesn’t have any signs pleading for food or money. He’s often found in the park, brooding on one of the benches, face covered by ragged hair and a gnarled beard. Despite the fact that he doesn’t ask for anything, Eren often leaves him money - a dollar, five dollars, any spare change he may have on him that day. Sometimes he’ll buy an extra donut and leave it for the homeless man, the other one hanging between his teeth as he hurries to his minimum wage job as a grocery clerk.

One day, the homeless man isn’t there. Another day. Three days. A week. A month goes by and it saddens Eren to see the empty bench, thinking the homeless man passed away. But a month and a half later, the bench is occupied by a well-dressed and well-groomed man, who pushes back the sleeve of his suit jacket to glance at the time on his watch. He glances around as if waiting for something or someone and as Eren gets closer, he recognizes those eyes. 

He recognizes them because they used to be so dead and cold, because they melted away over time into something warm whenever Eren came by. Relief and happiness wells into him because he sees who the homeless man has become; because the man he thought dead was actually very alive and well.

The not-so-homeless-man spots him and there’s a moment where they just stand and stare at each other before Eren starts crying. The man waits patiently through his tears, describes how he saved up the money Eren gave him to buy a suit for a job interview, how he found a job, how Eren saved his life.

"My name is Levi. This will never come close to paying you back for all you have done for me, but can I start with taking you out for coffee?"


Yuki Kaji

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I love you. I love your blog. I literally have been on here for over an hour. Probably longer. More like 2 hours.

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best friends more like “hey I found porn of your OTP here you go”